CCW Lifestyle Course

Many people buy a gun and a holster, and decide they are ready to carry a concealed handgun. And most, unfortunately, are woefully unprepared for the reality of every-day carry. The CCW Lifestyle course provides the information and practice necessary for people to carry legally, safely, and intelligently on a daily basis. From carry modes to safety issues, defensive practice to legal aspects, and shooting practice to mental preparation, this course will help you integrate daily CCW into your life.

During the class, you will have a chance to try multiple carry styles, discuss firearms choice and usage, participate in discussions regarding use of force, and engage in scenarios to practice CCW-appropriate reactions under stress.

CCW Lifestyle is a 6 to 8 hour, one-day course. (Variations in time depends on class size and length of scenario debriefing discussions.)

Cost: $120 ($116.33 class fee + credit card fees)

Class Length: 1 day

8:30 am until 5:30pm

Ending time is approximate.

We will break for lunch in the middle of the class.

There is NO live fire in this class.

The entire class is held in our classroom/practice area in the LifeArts building in Plattsmouth.

Ability and Equipment Requirements:

  • Students wishing participate in the CCW Lifestyle course MUST be safe with a firearm.
  • You do NOT need to already have your CCW permit.
  • We do expect that most people will, however, and it would be an advantage for you to take this class with the gun/holster combination you are planning on using for CCW. However, you may still take this class even if you do not have CCW equipment, as we will have a range of handguns and holsters available for you to try.  You must, however, contact us prior to the class if you are planning on borrowing our holster/handgun equipment.

What to Bring:

  • An open mind.
  • Notebook and writing implement. (Preferably a 3-ring binder.)
  • Pullover shirt or jacket (concealment clothing article)
  • Open-front jacket or coat (concealment clothing article—and please don’t bring an IDPA “shoot me first” vest unless you actually wear one on a daily basis for some reason)
  • Eye protection, as we may be firing AirSoft pistols in the scenario section. (Hearing protection is not needed.)
  • Participants are encouraged to wear the type and manner of clothing that they wear most commonly.
  • IF you own one, bring a reliable handgun and empty magazine that you are planning on using for CCW along with a concealment holster you plan to utilize. If you are able, also bring a magazine pouch with an extra empty magazine.
  • If you bring a firearm, you must also bring a practice barrel (such as this) or a barrel blocker (such as this) to the course. (You should have one of these for dryfire practice anyway!)

When you arrive for the class, please make sure your handgun is in a case, unloaded, with an empty magazine well. (And empty magazines.) We will have a safety briefing prior to any firearms being handled. You do not need to bring any live ammunition to this class, though you may find it useful to bring snapcaps/dummy ammunition suitable for your pistol. There will be no live ammunition allowed into the classroom.

Feel free to bring water and snacks.

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