Close Quarters Tactics

How often does a self-defense situation occur in which you’ve already made the decision to utilize a lethal level of response-and the person is still 10 yards away? If someone threatens you or a loved one, how often do they do it from 30 feet away? Have you ever tried to draw from concealment with an attacker closer than 6 feet? The ability to acquire your weapon, aim accurately, and retain your firearm in the midst of a close-range altercation is important, and thus this class was designed to give you the skill-building exercises and scenario training to enable you to do so. Includes life-fire practice and force-on-force training.

Cost: $206.10 ($200 class fee + credit card fees)

Class Length: 1.5 days

Day 1: 8am-Noon in the classroom, 1-5 at the range

Day 2: 8am-Noon in the classroom

Ending time is approximate.

We will break for lunch in the middle of class the first day.

Ability Requirements: Students need to be able to safety handle, draw, and fire a handgun from concealment, shoot accurately one-handed (both strong and weak-hand), and students should also be able to safely and effectively shoot on the move. It is suggested that students have previously taken the CCW Lifestyle course or the Handgun Techniques/Shooting Skills course, or gone through some similar training before taking the CQT course.

What to Bring: Reliable handgun you are planning on using for CCW, concealment holster that covers the trigger guard (on-body holsters only, no cross-draw or shoulder holsters), belt suitable for supporting the holster, at least two magazines (having 4-5 would be helpful, though only a minimum of 2 are necessary) and the ability to carry at least one extra magazine on your person, approximately 500 rounds, ear/eye protection, visored cap, notebook, writing implement, and an open mind. In addition, you will need to bring both a pull-over concealment article of clothing, and an open-front concealment clothing article.

To participate in this course you will also need to bring a practice barrel (such as this) or a barrel blocker (such as this) to the course. We may have some on hand for sale, but don’t count on it. If you absolutely need us to provide one for you to buy, make sure you contact us after you have registered for the class.

When you arrive for the class, please make sure your handgun is in a case, unloaded, with an empty magazine well. We will have a safety briefing prior to any firearms being handled.

Please dress appropriately for the weather for the range portion. Our range area does not have running water nor overhead cover (nor a restroom), so feel free to bring water/snacks, and don’t forget sunscreen and bugspray.

NOTE:  This course occurs upon request only, and class members must commit to attending upon special registration.  (It is a massive outlay of work for the instructors, and while we love holding the class, it is a tremendous amount of effort.)

If you are interested in this course, or even better, have a group of people (we will accept class sizes from 4-8 people) interested, contact us and we will set up a special registration and schedule the course, or put you on a waitlist for when enough people will commit to the class.