Handgun Skill Builder

Created for students who wish to progress in their shooting ability, the Handgun Skill Builder course is designed to coach students in better shooting skills by giving them direct feedback on specific critical aspects of their technique.

Each skill builder course begins with a diagnostic evaluation of the student’s fundamentals. After this analysis, along with number of drills for overall improvement, the remainder of the class is spent working on specific skill areas chosen by the student, along with areas suggested by the instructor.

Students will come away from this course better shooters–but more importantly, with a set of drills they can use to continue their improvement. Not only does the student receive analysis of their current technique, they receive a written set of drills specifically designed to help improve their areas of weakness.

The Skill Builder course is can be taken individually, or as a small group. (In other words, you can take this as a private lesson, or with a couple of friends who want to study something specific.) Topics of study may be chosen by the students, and the class occurs by arrangement between the the students and PRT Instructors. As such, this course will not appear on the normal schedule, but needs to be arranged directly. Please Contact Us to arrange this course.

Cost: Varies

Class Length: By arrangement

Most people arrange for training in half-day or full-day sections. (For example, some people in the past wished to work on CCW practical scenarios with ever-increasing levels of physicality. So, they scheduled three Saturdays of 3-4 hours each. Another person wanted to work on their shooting on the move capabilities, so they scheduled a full-day one-time session.  Another wanted specifically to work on trigger control, and set up a half-day private lesson for that.) If there is something in particular in which you wish to train, contact us, and we’ll make some suggestions with regard to schedule.

The cost varies based on the number of students, and the time required. Private lessons mean you get direct attention for the entire time, and the cost-per-student is higher. Small groups means lower costs, and you get as much drill/practice time, but the direct attention of the instructors will be split between students.

Contact Us to Schedule a Handgun Skill Builder session…