Handgun Techniques/Shooting Skills

The purpose of the HT/SS class is to work with people on good, solid technique for draws, reloads, and fundamentals (grip, stance, trigger control, etc) in the format of practical, self-defense shooting. This is a course teaching, analyzing, and drilling the fundamentals of effective handgun manipulation. Most shooters really don’t know how to analyze their own practice, and thus errors and non-optimal methods begin to creep in over time—and most people don’t notice. Or worse yet, couldn’t tell the difference if they had noticed.

The HT/SS course is not only for shooters who wish to progress from basic practice to competition practice or defensive tactics, but also for experienced shooters who wish an analysis of their fundamentals to reduce error and improve their shooting.

Most people (when they first learn to shoot) are taught shooting fundamentals with an emphasis on slow-fire (bullseye) style shooting. This, unfortunately, doesn’t necessarily carry over well to practical self-defense. Or at least, most people don’t know how to translate those fundamentals over to practical shooting. (The fundamentals don’t change, but how we apply them changes.) As such, both newer shooters and experienced shooters often do not realize when non-optimal technique (for practical self-defense) occurs.

Students in this class will not only take home techniques and drills for their own live-fire practice, but also dryfire drills to enhance their training, so that they will get better over time for any practical shooting purpose, such as self-defense.

In the end, effective shooting comes down to an efficient application of the fundamentals in any given situation–this course is about applying effective fundamentals in practical applications.

Quite frankly, this is perhaps the most useful course we offer for experienced shooters. Please see the Fundamentals Section on our Philosophy page for more discussion about why we believe this is so important.


Cost: $160 ($155.20 class fee + credit card fees)

Class Length: 1.5 days

6-9 pm first day, 8:30 am until 4:30pm on the second day.

(Ending time is approximate, we will break for lunch in the middle of the second day.)

Ability Requirements: Students must be able to safely load, unload, draw, holster, and fire their handgun while not under time pressure or stress.

What to Bring: Reliable handgun, strong-side belt holster that covers the trigger guard, belt suitable for supporting the holster, extra magazines (having 4-5 would be helpful, though only 2 are necessary) and the ability to carry at least one extra magazine on your person, approximately 400 rounds, ear/eye protection, visored cap, notebook, writing implement, and an open mind.

The first evening is indoors, where we will practice in dryfire mode. The following day we will meet at the range, and move from dryfire to live fire exercises.

When you arrive at the classroom and at the range, please make sure your handgun is in a case, unloaded, with an empty magazine well. We will have a safety briefing prior to any firearms being handled. You do not need to be wearing any of your gear initially on the first day.

Competition shooters are welcome to wear their competition rigs. While shooters are allowed to wear their CCW rigs for this course (cross-draw holsters and shoulder rigs are not allowed, however) we would suggest a standard outside-the-waistband belt holster for this class, as we will not be drawing from concealment, and this is not a CCW or DT course. LEO and military shooters are welcome to wear their duty gear.

Please dress appropriately for the weather on the range day. Our range area does not have running water nor overhead cover (nor a restroom), so feel free to bring water/snacks, and don’t forget sunscreen and bugspray.

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