Instructors, Part II


Unarmed Self-Defense Background:

  • Martial Arts Practitioner since 1989
  • Hapkido Practitioner since 1992
  • 5th degree black belt, Hapkido
  • 1st degree black belt, Taekwondo

Teaching Background:

  • Academic, and/or Martial Arts and/or Self-Defense Teacher in some form or another
    (including a Master’s Degree in Teaching) since 1992.


  • USPSA Range Master
  • USPSA Chief Range Officer
  • USPSA Range Officer
  • IDPA Safety Officer
  • Former State-Certified Nebraska CCW Instructor (currently certification is lapsed, this will be updated once I submit the paperwork to get my certification back)
  • NRA Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Formerly Certified Glock Armorer  (haven’t had a chance to get back to another class recently!)

Examples of classes attended from training resume:

  • Graduate of Tom Given’s Instructor Development Course (Score: 296.8/300)
  • Shivworks ECQC with Craig Douglas
  • Rogers Shooting School Tactical Handgun Course Rating: Advanced
    • Each student takes the qualification test 6 times throughout the week-long
      class. A Basic rating is achieved at 70 points (out of 125). The Advanced
      rating is achieved at 110 points. The average for most classes for the first
      classifier test attempt is 37—and Mr. Howard scored 109 on his first attempt.
      He then scored Advanced on all five further attempts during the course.
  • Rogers Shooting School Urban Close Range Carbine Course Rating: Advanced
    • The qualification test is run twice during the Urban Close Range Carbine course. Mr. Howard achieved an Advanced rating both times during the course.
  • Manny Bragg’s Competition Handgun courses, Level I and Level II
  •’s Aim Fast, Hit Fast course (with Todd Louis Green)
  • Past NE Department of Corrections Corporal
    • NE Department of Corrections training in Use of Force, Empty Hand Defense (PPCT), Restraint Techniques, Shotgun, and Rifle
  • Past NE Department of Correction CERT Member (Chemical Weapons Specialist)
    • Trained in Baton, Shield, Cell Entry, Chemical Weapons, Advanced Shotgun, and Advanced Rifle

Competition Classifications (joined USPSA in 2007, joined IDPA in 2013:

  • Master classification, USPSA: Production, Single Stack, and Pistol-Caliber Carbine divisions
  • Master classification, IDPA: SSP, ESP, and CO divisions
  • Grandmaster classification, Steel Challenge: Production, Carry Optics, Iron Sight Revolver, Pistol-Caliber Carbine Optics, Pistol-Caliber Carbine Irons, Rimfire Rifle Optics, Rimfire Rifle Irons, Rimfire Pistol Open, Rimfire Pistol Irons

Examples of past match awards:

  • 2008 Great Plains Sectional Production Champion
  • 2009 Great Plains Sectional Production Champion
  • 2010 USPSA Area 3 Production Champion
  • 2013 Nebraska State Steel Challenge Championship Production Champion
  • 2014 Nebraska State Steel Challenge Championship Rimfire Pistol Iron Champion
  • 2015 Sunflower Shootout SSP Champion and High Overall
  • 2016 Iowa State IDPA Championship:  SSP Champion and High Overall
  • 2017 Silver Dollar IDPA Championship:  SSP Champion
  • 2017 Area 5 Steel Challenge Championship:  Production, Carry Optics, and Rimfire Pistol Irons Champion; Steel Master Award
  • 2018 John Wick Double Tap Championship:  High Overall Single Stack
  • 2018 Great Plains Steel Challenge Championship:  Rimfire Pistol Open, Rimfire Pistol Iron, Single Stack, and Carry Optics Champion;  Pistol Steel Champion Award