Introduction to Handguns Course

The Introduction to Handgun course is a handgun familiarization course designed to teach the fundamentals of safe gun handling. By the end of the course, students will understand the basic parts, action, and manual of arms for standard semi-automatic pistols and revolvers; have practiced correct stance, grip, sighting, trigger control, and breathing; have continually demonstrated and ingrained the rules of safe gun handling; and have practiced shooting handguns on the range.

This course, among other things, includes all material from the NRA Basic Pistol curriculum, and the instructors are official NRA Pistol Instructors. Students who successfully fulfill all requirements for the NRA Basic Pistol course will receive a NRA course completion certificate in addition to the PRT course completion certificate.

Most of the range shooting will be with .22 LR pistols supplied by the instructors. We will supply all .22 ammunition. Other handguns will be available for students to try if they are interested, to give them an idea of the many types of firearms that are available. We will have revolvers capable of shooting .38 Special and .357 Magnum ammunition, along with semi-auto pistols in 9mm and .45 ACP. If you wish to try the other pistols, please note that there is a $10 additional fee to cover our ammunition costs for the centerfire pistols, which will get you approximately one magazine/cylinder of ammunition for each handgun type.

Feel free to bring extra ammunition of your own, if you wish to shoot the centerfire pistols more than that. Commercially loaded, full metal jacket only for the .45acp and the 9mm. Commercially loaded lead nose rounds for the revolvers are just fine.

Cost: $100  ($96.89 class fee + credit card fees)

Class Length: 1.5 days

Friday Evening 6-9pm in the classroom,

Saturday 8-noon in the classroom, break for lunch, then 1-5pm at the range.

Ability Requirements: None.

What to Bring: Notebook, Writing Utensil

If you own your own handgun, and wish to shoot it, you are welcome to bring it to the class. You will still spend most of your time shooting the .22 pistols at the range. Please make sure your handgun is in a case, unloaded, with an empty magazine well.

Note: Per NRA rules, NO ammunition is allowed in the classroom. If you have ammunition with you for any reason, please see the instructor outside the classroom, as we have a secure area to store ammunition.

Please dress appropriately for the weather on the range day. Our range area does not have running water nor overhead cover (nor a restroom), so feel free to bring water/snacks, and don’t forget sunscreen, bugspray, and a visored cap. If you own ear/eye protection, please bring it. If you do not, we will have some on hand for you.

Note:  We are charging considerably less than normal for the time and equipment commitment we providing for this class, in the hope that more people will take it and learn how to be safe with handguns.

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