Introduction to Steel Challenge

Interested in Steel Challenge matches, but feel a little uneasy about just showing up without any rules knowledge or practice? This course gives you the information you need to compete safely and knowledgeably in Steel Challenge matches. Topics covered:

Safety and Range Commands
Firearm Divisions
Fundamental Skills
Standard Rules and Information
SC Official Stages


Cost: $50  ($49.30 class fee + credit card fees)

Class Length: One-half day

Ability Requirements: Students must be able to safely load, unload, draw, holster, and fire their handgun.

What to Bring: If you own/have a competition rig, please feel free to bring it. If not, please bring a reliable handgun, strong-side belt holster that covers the trigger guard (where you can safely re-holster one-handed), belt suitable for supporting the holster, extra magazines (having 4-5 or more would be helpful) and the ability to carry at least two extra magazines on your person. Also bring approximately 400 rounds, ear/eye protection, visored cap, notebook, writing implement, and an open mind.

We will have a safety briefing prior to any firearms being handled. You do not initially need to be wearing any of your competition gear.

Please dress appropriately for the weather on the range. Our range area does not have running water nor overhead cover (nor a restroom), so feel free to bring water/snacks, and don’t forget sunscreen and bugspray.

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