Nebraska State CCW Course…

If you wish to apply for a concealed carry permit in Nebraska, you first need to take the official state CCW course, taught by a Nebraska State Patrol certified instructor.  The instructor is certified because they have submitted a curriculum to the NSP that has been checked and deemed sufficient to follow and teach all of the required points of the official state-mandated curriculum, and includes the requisite live-fire parts which list specific types of shooting practice and the official firearms qualification.

The NSP makes available a PDF copy of the rules and regulations pertaining to concealed carry in Nebraska here:

This is handy for many reasons, but in particular it tells you exactly what topics should be covered in your CCW course, and exactly what the firearms qualification should be.  (Section 027 is all about the requirements for the class–look at 027.03 and 027.04 for specific details.)

Why is this important?  Because if you don’t get taught what you are SUPPOSED to be taught, and your instructor gets audited, it is entirely possible that your class certificate will be declared invalid–and thus, your ability to apply for a CC permit or your ability to KEEP your CC permit will be withdrawn.  (And the instructor will lose his/her certification, though for you that is significantly less important than your certificate no longer being valid as proof of training.)

Some examples:

If your class didn’t use an FBI Q target, the range qualification isn’t valid.  These are Q targets (NSP doesn’t specify color):


These are not Q targets:


Your range qualification must use the official target, or it isn’t valid.  (Even if the instructor says he “is holding you to a higher standard!” by using a different target.)

If, in your class, they didn’t actually talk about use of force laws for both lethal force and less-than-lethal force, they didn’t do their job.

If, in your class, they didn’t talk about where you cannot carry by law (whether posted or not), they didn’t do their job.

If the class description says “bring 30-50 rounds for the range portion” then they aren’t doing their job, because the NSP won’t approve a curriculum unless you are shooting at least 50 rounds in the practical exercises portion of the class, and you’ll need 30 more rounds on top of that for the qualification.

Lots of people are certified as instructors.  Make sure the one you get is actually teaching the class correctly.

1 thought on “Nebraska State CCW Course…

  1. You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t…) how often instructors in the military make similar mistakes. I’d often joke that the relevant Field Manual may not be the best training program devised but it sure beats what troops tend to be using!


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