Why are you so mean?

Periodically, someone asks me why I’m so direct with my replies regarding civil rights such as self-defense.  They get angry because I say what I mean, without cushioning it for their feelings.  I’m not impolite, I just (quite some time ago) lost patience with caring about certain people’s feelings if I tell the truth, back it with facts, and state my conclusions from it, and they get all angry because their defense is purely emotional, with no rational basis.

“Why are you so mean?” I hear.

Well, it gets old being demonized by groups of people who preach caring and love and “no violence” and tolerance while simultaneously saying:

Bill justin laura mermer merner michael Willie-Warren-WalkerNow, some people will say “Well, there are fringe crazies on all sides, you should just ignore them!”  I’d like to—but these aren’t the fringe crazies.  They may be crazy—but they aren’t fringe.  For example, here’s a post from the anti-self-defense, anti-civil rights individual that Obama specifically invited to attend his speech in Omaha:

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.44.18 PM“Fringe crazies” aren’t normally treated as honored guests.  So apparently this particular individual, with type of social behavior, is considered someone that people should listen to—so don’t ask me why I’m so mean.

I’m not the one saying “Fuck you” nor am I the one advocating killing people who don’t agree with my beliefs.

The next time you want to have a conversation (an actual conversation or discussion) about self-defense rights, start by being polite, and we’ll talk.

4 thoughts on “Why are you so mean?

  1. Funny how anti gun people want to kill gun owners who allegedly are violent people who want to kill others. Where is the logic in this? They say they want to do that very thing to us that they claim we are doing to others. Most people who own guns for protection never have to use one in self defense anyway. It is a deterrent all the same. But if one of these anti gun people try to kill us, we have the means to protect ourselves.


  2. I read some of the nonsense rants listed above. All of them to a letter only spoke about the heart of the author concerning firearms. Each and ever one of them told us how they see firearms. Then chose to place that unrighteous point of view onto all men and women that own firearms. Their own falsehoods manufactured and applied ficticiously to men and women that never even has those thoughts, ever. Someone that falsely dictates that guns are only made to kill is proven wrong out of the gate by trap shooters. These guys are sportsmen that just like to connect projectiles with clay. Their guns never used for killing of any kind. So you see, one must be smarter than the villainous manufactory of falsehoods to apply to others stemming from ones own hatred.
    Be vililant, smart and cool. Look at what these people say. They speak out of the abundance of their own hearts.


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