Nebraska State CCW Course

This course covers the official training curriculum mandated by the State of Nebraska for application for a NE Concealed Carry Permit. PRT Instructors are officially certified by the State Patrol to teach this class, and students who successfully pass both the written test and the range qualification will receive an official certificate to be used when applying for your CCW.

The curriculum includes (among other things):

Firearms Safety Rules
Handgun/Ammunition Nomenclature
Safe Handgun Storage
Methods of Carry

Situational Awareness
Conflict Resolution
Shooting Fundamentals
Concealed Carry Techniques

Federal, State, and Local Laws regarding:
Firearms Purchase, Ownership, Possession, and Transportation
Use of Force, Degrees of Assault, and Justifiable Homicide
Rules and Regulations of the NE Concealed Handgun Permit Program

The course includes a written test and a range qualification, both created by the State Patrol for the State of Nebraska. Students must pass both to obtain their course certificate.

Cost: $130  ($126.04 class fee + credit card fees)

Class Length: 1 day

8:30 am until 4:30pm

Ending time is approximate.

We will break for lunch in the middle of the class.

The classroom portion will be held in our building in Plattsmouth, NE

The range portion of the class will be held at our private range area near Plattsmouth.

Ability and Equipment Requirements:

  • Students wishing participate in this course must be safe with a firearm. While we will be covering safety in class, you should already know how to be safe with a firearm.
  • You already need to know how to draw, load, and fire your handgun in a safe fashion. This is NOT a technique course–if you do not know how to handle a firearm, this is not the class for you. Please take our Introduction to Handguns course if you are completely new to firearms, or our Handgun Technique class if you are not new to firearms but have no training on drawing or reloading.
  • You will need a serviceable and safe handgun, holster, and a set of magazines. PRT will not supply firearms.

What to Bring:

  • An open mind.
  • Notebook and writing implement. We will be supplying a binder of material for you, but you may wish to take notes.
  • Pullover shirt or jacket, or open-front jacket or coat. (concealment clothing article)
  • Eye protection and ear protection for the range portion of the course.
  • Handgun that you plan to carry. Please do not bring a .22 target pistol. If you plan to carry a small .22 revolver or pocket pistol, that is acceptable.
  • A holster designed for for your handgun that completely covers the trigger guard. No cross-draw holster, or shoulder holsters. When in the holster, the muzzle of the handgun must point at the ground.  You must be able to re-holster one-handed.
  • 100 rounds of factory ammunition. (No reloads or handloads.)
  • 4 or 5 magazines or speedloaders.

When you arrive for the class, make sure your handgun is in a case, unloaded, with an empty magazine well. (And empty magazines.) We will be checking the condition of your handgun in a safe area prior to you entering the classroom. In the classroom, we will be eventually practicing some dryfire, but your handgun must remain cased until specifically directed by the instructors.

There will be no live ammunition allowed into the classroom.

Feel free to bring water and snacks.

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